Skyports Drone introduces new aircraft for Royal Mail delivery project


Skyports Drone Services has introduced Speedbird Aero as a new aircraft partner for the Orkney I-Port operation, a drone delivery initiative launched in collaboration with Royal Mail, Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority, and Loganair.

The Brazilian drone manufacturer will provide its DLV-2 aircraft for Skyports Drone Services’ global delivery and logistics projects, starting with three months of inter-island delivery flights for Royal Mail for the Orkney I-Port project.

The electric multirotor DLV-2 drone, which has a payload capacity of six kilogrammes and a range of up to 16 kilometres, was selected as the vehicle of choice for the Orkney I-Port project due to its large payload volume, which makes it well suited to carrying cargo such as Royal Mail parcels. The first deliveries were completed in July this year and will continue until October. The aircraft is also equipped with a parachute.

The weather and geography of Orkney impact the ability for Royal Mail to provide an uninterrupted delivery service for its residents and pauses in the ferry schedule – by which some mail is transported – are common during poor weather due to the challenges of docking safely. The DLV-2 aircraft has been selected due to its ability to fly in weather conditions that exceed the upper limits of the Orkney inter-island ferry.

The Speedbird DLV-2 is the latest aircraft to be on boarded by Skyports Drone Services, following Pyka Pelican Cargo earlier this year. The drone service provider has been reinforcing and consolidating its aircraft fleet to meet growing market demand and serve its drone logistics, survey and monitoring customers.

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Alex Brown, Director, Skyports Drone Services said, “Our approach to fleet development is to onboard a select number of vehicle providers that can match market growth, scale with us and meet the requirements of the locations in which we operate. Speedbird is an example of the type of manufacturer we love to work with; the company’s commitment to quality, safety and innovation makes it best-in-class and an excellent addition to our fleet. The Orkney I-Port project, with its renowned project partners and objective of improving community access with drones, is a great place to kick off the partnership.”

“Our partnership with Skyports Drone Services is a source of immense pride for Speedbird Aero,” said Manoel Coelho, CEO of Speedbird Aero. “Together, we will bring unrivalled efficiency to every drone logistics project we undertake, unlocking new possibilities for businesses and communities alike. Our focus on sustainability and innovation will pave the way for a greener and more connected future.”

Orkney I-Port flights will be conducted under existing regulatory frameworks, making it possible to extend beyond the initial three-month period. This is due to the proximity of the take-off and landing locations and the ability for flights to be conducted using an extended visual line of sight (EVLOS). In addition to the Orkney I-Port project, the DLV-2 will be deployed on logistics and delivery projects across Skyports Drone Services markets.

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