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Sales are the foundation on which the world’s largest GSSA is built; no coincidence, therefore, that it features first in ECS Group’s unparalleled Augmented GSA concept. Air cargo sales are the company’s DNA. Welcome to Pillar 1*: Commercial.

With over 500 charters already organised and flown in the first four months of this year, 10 New Abilities launched, the industry-first Augmented GSA concept becoming reality, a rapidly expanding and highly successful LatAm team, and strong strategic growth in Asia, to name just a few of this year’s focal points, ECS Group’s core business element and the first pillar of its unique Augmented GSA concept: Commercial, is well underway.

“Our authentic personal touch in doing business is what differentiates ECS Group from more traditional GSA models and quickly positioned us as the world’s leading GSSA,” Adrien Thominet, ECS Group Executive Chairman, explains. “All of us at ECS Group are committed to commercial excellence – day in, day out. Our airline customers know that they can count on 100% premium, professional representation, and the freight forwarders we work with relying on us to offer optimum, innovative solutions for their shipment requirements.

Sales is our company DNA, and our ongoing success is down to our extensive industry experience, our expansive local intelligence, a dense and close-knit global network, and – above all – genuine personal interaction – inside and outside the company. Professional sales require trust, flexibility, and exceptional skill: Qualities that ECS Group has incorporated ever since we started out in 1998.”

Meanwhile, over 150 airlines entrust ECS Group to act on their behalf in 50 countries around the world. An uncontested leader in Europe, especially within France, Italy, Spain, and the Nordics, ECS Group handles more than 1,200,000 tonnes of air cargo each year. With clear plans to further expand its customer base, particularly in the Far East and soon, in the United States, 2022 is forecast to be yet another record year.

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More than 1200 ECS Group employees in 167 offices across the globe constitute a powerful combination of unique and diverse personalities, shared company values, airline industry backgrounds, and in-depth local knowledge. The group motto: “leading is a commitment”, empowers and encourages a strong synergy between managers across its worldwide network, and a resilient, streamlined, and professional approach to dealing with the many complexities of the international air cargo market.

They are supported by leading in-house digital solutions which enable solid commercial decisions and faster reactions to changes in the market. ECS Group continuously focuses on innovation, sustainable improvement, and enhanced service offers, to ensure dynamic leadership in the air cargo industry. Its ever-expanding network of GSA offices and airline contacts is a testament to ECS Group’s focus on what it does best: sales on a personal level.

Companies interested in learning more about the commercial growth ECS Group can bring to their business, are welcome to reach out to their nearest ECS Group representative:

*ECS Group’s new Augmented GSA concept is based on four pillars: Commercial, New Abilities, Technology, and Sustainability.

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