Global GSA Group: From high touch to high-tech


Having always recognized the value of making use of the digital tools available to the air freight industry, Global GSA Group is now increasing its investments in digitalization without forgetting its human core values.

Global GSA Group initiated its digital transformation a few years ago and as soon as the first tools designed for the industry were made available, understanding that the lack of technology in the air cargo sector needed to be addressed. As an early adopter of innovative digital tools, the GSA intended to enhance the overall quality of its services and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes in all parts of its daily operations. Focusing primarily on revenue optimization, Global GSA Group is using business intelligence tools to support its sales planning, reporting and performance management. 

The real-time visibility they provide on market information allows it to target potential businesses with increased reactivity. With regard to quotations, it has been making the most of the support provided by cargo handling systems and by the three main booking platforms.

Using the comprehensive tools developed by their digital partner CargoTech, the one-stop shop offering digital solutions for every air cargo business process, has definitely enabled the GSA to run its internal processes more smoothly. Besides, the solutions have proved to be a real asset in achieving the best performance by providing airline partners with more transparency, valuable data and operational solutions.

What’s more, partnering with CargoTech has taken Global GSA Group to a new level, approaching digitalization no longer as mere necessary tools to implement but as ongoing innovations to take an active part in. Indeed, adapting its current tools to its specific needs in collaboration with CargoTech will surely make a considerable difference for the GSA.

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Upping its investments in the digitalization of its processes, implementing new systems as well as training programs to deliver better services to its customers, Global GSA Group does not lose sight of its core values and identity. The GSA is still keen to maintain its strong trademark human interactions and prove they can go hand in hand with solid digital skills. Ismail Durmaz, Chief Executive Officer says: “We are currently supported by a team of energetic, reliable and experienced professionals with the highest standard of expertise, always eager to learn more and perform better. While technology solutions are fundamental to our industry and digitalization is becoming a driving force for our business, we will always make of point of preserving the high human factor that makes our strength.” 

In these uncertain times, Global GSA Group remains convinced that developing cutting-edge technology solutions will have a direct impact on its efficiency and its ability to provide customers the best services. In that respect, boosting investments in its digital transformation will be key in resolving the challenges of the coming year.

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