MARGO Solution Takes AIRWAY’s Cargo Operations to New Heights


AIRWAY Logistics has efficiently integrated Maureva’s MARGO cargo solution, bringing digitalization to its air freight operations. This Australian-based specialized airfreight handling firm now enjoys enhanced efficiency, optimized operations, and technologically revamped processes and workflows.

AIRWAY Logistics has successfully implemented Maureva’s MARGO cargo solution, digitalizing its air freight operations.

The Australian-based specialized airfreight handling company now benefits from improved efficiency, streamlined operations, and technologically transformed processes and workflows.

AIRWAY, formerly known as Pak Fresh Handling, has seen exponential growth in recent years providing seamless customized airfreight services such as international and national cargo handling, cargo terminal operations, and cold chain services across Australia.

Owing to the nature of the business, the flow of real-time information and efficient workflows from collection to drop-off of cargo are crucial to the handling company.

The partnership between AIRWAY and Maureva represents a substantial leap forward in the digital transformation of the company’s cargo operations.

The cloud-based solution offers scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, as required by AIRWAY to streamline its operations.

Maureva’s ability to tailor the MARGO system to AIRWAY’s specific business needs has been crucial and it ensures that the technology aligns with AIRWAY’s unique operational requirements, maximizing its effectiveness.

By optimizing cargo operations and improving efficiency, MARGO indirectly enhances customer experiences.

Shippers and consignees benefit from faster cargo processing and more accurate tracking, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

MARGO automates the issuance of Air Waybills and cargo handling processes. This empowers AIRWAY to handle cargo acceptance, export, and import processes, facilitate manifest creation and execute hassle-less part-shipments, and effectively administer warehouse operations optimally and smoothly.

The integration of IATA-compliant messages (Cargo-IMP and Cargo XML) and the Australian Customs interface has played a pivotal role in promoting effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

“The strategic acquisition of MARGO for digitalizing and optimizing our operations to improve performance and service levels and boost revenues is an important milestone to meet the requirements of our rapidly expanding airfreight handling business,” says Nathan Beven, Head of AIRWAY. “Maureva is a great match for AIRWAY Logistics, tailoring its MARGO system towards our specific business needs.” “We’re proud to partner with AIRWAY, helping them leverage digital tools to enhance air cargo opportunities and customer experiences,” says Davina Martin, Solutions Sales Manager at Maureva. “This collaboration strengthens Maureva’s presence in the APAC market, enabling companies to digitize their cargo operations.”

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