Reducing carbon footprint, Calculate CO2 emissions in real-time through BlueBox Systems


The economies in Asia are growing rapidly and thus contribute a large share of global greenhouse gas emissions. Rapid measures are required to reduce emissions in the logistics and air freight sector as well. BlueBox Systems, one of the leading developers of intelligent air freight tracking solutions, offers a unique opportunity to support the air freight market with a powerful tool to decrease CO2 – regardless of whether it’s a single shipment or all shipments during the year combined. With BlueBox Systems air freight tracking solution, companies are enabled to control and improve their carbon footprint and thus operate more sustainably.

According to the International Transport Forum, goods transport in Southeast Asia will more than quadruple until 2050 and double its CO2 emissions. Therefore, it’s not surprising that sustainability is also an issue right now in Singapore, where the transport logistics of Southeast Asia and air cargo in Southeast Asia is taking place. “In my many conversations with representatives of the industry here at the trade show I can clearly see: many people in the Asian Pacific region are looking for ways and solutions – like BlueBox Systems is offering – to reduce their carbon footprint,” recognizes Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems, at the transport logistic Southeast Asia and air cargo Southeast Asia.

Besides cost and time, reducing the carbon footprint is part of a balanced decision a lot of companies and players in the air freight industry have to make. Several factors play a role here: Companies need to know their trade lanes, suppliers, and partners for example. The selected route and the carrier play a key role. If a company wants to minimize its emissions level year to year, it needs to avoid using carriers with outdated fleets. To get this kind of information and to make sustainable decisions, a lot of customers already trust the air freight tracking platform of BlueBox Systems, which is easy to use for everyone along the supply chain.

Besides real-time tracking and data about delays, the system delivers insights on the CO2 emissions for shipments like carbon footprint per item, emission reports, trade lane comparisons, and airline and airport performance, to name a few examples. Another piece of information that’s delivered is carbon offsetting. For this point, BlueBox Systems is working together with myclimate, a non-profit organization that fights for effective climate protection. BlueBox Systems is currently developing a tool that allows users to view the actual CO2 emissions and compensate it with the touch of a bottom. “The visibility of information is always in focus at BlueBox Systems, but it is not an end in itself, it should enable an improvement process,” adds Martin Schulze. “This is also true for carbon footprint measurement. No one has to calculate it manually anymore. We deliver it with one click.”

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