Nexshore commences large scale trials of OneRecord by Nexshore by BIFA


Nexshore has started large-scale trials of OneRecord by Nexshore by BIFA (British International Freight Association). BIFA is the trade association for UK-registered companies engaged in the international movement of freight by all modes of transport, air, road, rail, and sea. BIFA has around 1500 corporate members, known generally as freight forwarders, which offer a wide range of services within these various modes.

These trials have been facilitated by CCS-UK, the Cargo Community Service User Group that works closely with BT in developing products and services that are vital to the British air freight industry and help be in compliance with government bodies.

Following recent presentations to the BIFA Air Policy Committee, the CCS-UK User Group and Nexshore have begun large-scale trials of the OneRecord by Nexshore product specially developed and modified for CCS-UK (referred to as OneRecord/CCS-UK henceforth). These trials are now open to all BIFA members to test the system first-hand and leverage the advantages of adopting the IATA ONE Record platform at scale. All airports (8 to 9) in the United Kingdom will be included in the trials.

The product composition selected for BIFA will comprise the web application, its servers, and account access to the web application. ?Any number of connections can connect to any number of airlines to track the shipments. The product composition will also include analytic dashboards, Test OneRecord API for deeper integration, and creation of integrations with API keys.

“We are excited with the prospect of starting these trials since it will showcase the power of OneRecord by allowing the fast, effective, and cost-efficient distribution of air cargo data. Processes will speed up and create an advantage for the UK air freight industry in terms of being able to handle a lot more through its airports, transit sheds, and customs with lowered investments and costs.

Growth with cost reductions will help the UK position itself competitively as a hub for air freight in western Europe. We are in talks with several organizations to get started in various airports in North America and other parts of Europe. There is considerable interest from mainland China and the far east as well,” said Pramod Rao, CEO, Nexshore. 

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